The Seals of Chichester Harbour Code E3

Talk by John Arnott
Chichester Harbour is home to the only known breeding colony of
Harbour seals in the eastern Channel. Also known as Common seals,
these animals forage over a wide area in the Solent and also have
satellite haul out sites in Langstone Harbour and possibly on the Isle of
In 2015 the Harbour Conservancy renewed its monitoring programme for both Harbour
seals and Grey seals, counting them on a monthly basis during the summer in conjunction
with the Langstone Harbour Board. John has been involved with the project from the start
and can update us on what has been happening to the seals.
During this talk we will be hearing about the fascinating lives of these charismatic
amphibious mammals, including some of the other seal species that are more rarely seen
in Britain.
Venue: Eames Farm, Thorney Island PO10 8DE. Free parking

7:00 for 7:30. A torch maybe handy for when you leave.

FoCH members £7, Guests £10