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Events are held around the Harbour with most of the winter talks being held at the Stables on Eames Farm on Thorney Island. Topics have included the Harbour and its history, the Tides, Bats and the Night Sky. Evening talks usually start at 7:00pm for 7:30pm so that in the first half hour members can chat with each other over a drink before the presentation.

Some events are held close to the location of the subject such as for the talk on the Role of Thorney Island in WW2. This was a tour followed by the presentation and then lunch at Thorney Island Sailing Club. This year the talk about The Hinge at East Head will include a visit to the site followed by lunch.

There are three tours a year of the Cobnor Estate in which the owner, Diana Beale, shows a group of 12 Friends around her land explaining how the farm, set in the heart of the Harbour, is run and the way in which the environment is managed. So far these tours have always been oversubscribed and so Friends are requested not to apply if they have been before so as to let others enjoy one.

There is a full programme planned for 2017.

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Reserve or Book an Event

Because many events are oversubscribed all places are required to be booked in advance.

To reserve or book an event please contact John and Gill Smith, Social Events Administrators :

By Email:
By Post: The Beeches, Sunny Way, Bosham. PO18 8HQ.

When reserving or booking places for Social Events, please provide your membership number, full name, contact details, either email address and ‘phone number, and the Event Code/s. Places are only confirmed once payment is received. Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer.

Cheques should be made payable to “Friends of Chichester Harbour” with the event code/s listed on the back. Members will be informed if places have been reserved and how to pay by bank transfer if that is their preference.

Some events have been oversubscribed and so early booking is recommended.