Friends of Friends

As well as welcoming members and donors – who provide much needed funding to help fulfil Friends of Chichester Harbour’s goals – we are extremely grateful for the support we receive from grant awarding bodies and other like-minded organisations.

Recent Grants and Public Donations:


Teaming up with complementary bodies allows us to develop joint-promotional activity that helps spread the word to wider audiences about respective defining activities.

Pallant House Gallery, Chichester
Internal photo of Pallant House Gallery

If you are an organisation seeking an environmental cause to support and/or keen to develop a joint-promotional campaign and the Friends of Chichester Harbour’s mission resonates with your objectives, we would be delighted to start a discussion.

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  • Did You Know?

    Newquay-based Waterhaul, Ocean Republic and Clean Sailors, have collaborated to create a reusable, beach-cleaning bag by recycling old sails. Spinnaker sails are particularly suitable for such litter bags with their thin material being lightweight yet strong and easy to wash for reuse.


we extend our grateful thanks to Paul Adams who has photographed the majority of images appearing on the website. We would also like to acknowledge others who have provided images at their courtesy too:

  • Nick Moore (silhouetted boy on beach, Home page)
  • Goodwood Estate (afternoon tea, Events page)
  • Chichester Harbour Conservancy (various photos)
  • Don Manson (top picture, Oyster Boat Terror page)
  • Shirley Rushmer (top picture, Education page)