Friends of Chichester Harbour: –


Updated 3rd November 2020


The Friends of Chichester Harbour is a Member based Charity with the objectives of;

(i) for the benefit of the public to help to maintain and improve Chichester Harbour and its Amenity Area and;

(ii) to protect and preserve the countryside and wildlife along its coast and to advance the education of the public in relation to the harbour.

The Friends also offer a programme of events and activities to its Membership.


Members entrust the Executive Committee with personal details and with subscriptions in furtherance of the Charity’s objectives. For its part the Charity promises;

  • To spend monies to best effect for the benefit of Chichester Harbour.
  • To keep members informed about its work and what it is achieving with its money, through the Annual Report, Website, Newsletter, email or telephone.
  • To use Booking information only for the specific Event subject of the data.
  • Not to sell members’ data.
  • Not to share members’ data with others for their own use.


The Charity is proud of its Membership and the support that they provide. It is keen to ensure that information provided for the purposes of maintaining a Membership register and for the administration of Events is used appropriately and responsibly.

How does the Charity collect information?

Information is collected when a “Join Us” application is submitted by email, post or via the Website. The application form requests personal details of name(s); address and postcode; telephone; and email. The form also asks for confirmation that the applicant is over 16 years of age.The Charity does not receive information about members from third parties, nor does it collect general information about visitors to its website.The Charity may also collect data where an individual makes a donation and provides information for record purposes or to satisfy the requirements of the Gift Aid scheme.


A member can request a copy of their membership data in csv format at any time and can seek confirmation that data is deleted when membership has been terminated. Any request should be submitted to the Secretary on .A member will be informed of any breach which might endanger their rights or liberties.Members have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office about any matter relating to the way in which the Charity is handling personal data.A copy of this Privacy Policy is held on the Friends’ Website.

 What does the Charity do with your information?

Personal information provided by Members is stored on secure systems operated by companies that have signed up to Data Protection principles. Access to that information is restricted to; Treasurer; Membership Secretary; Events Secretary; Admin Support.The Charity will communicate with its Members to keep them informed about the Charity’s work, which may include; requests for financial contributions to specific projects; requests for volunteers for specific tasks; or for governance purposes.The Executive Committee’s Events team will also communicate with Members to notify them of events and activities open to the membership. The Events administrator is then responsible for collating requests and managing the attendance list for specific events. Where necessary the attendance list may be shared with the event “host”. A similar arrangement is in place for “Oyster boat” bookings with the administration undertaken by the Emsworth Yacht Harbour office.A key Friends’ activity in support of the Charity’s objectives is the programme of volunteer Working Parties overseen by the Chichester Harbour Conservancy. Volunteers are invited to provide contact details to the Conservancy to assist the administration of the scheme. The Charity will not provide the information direct.Any personal information held by the Charity will only be retained; for as long as it remains relevant to ongoing membership; or to meet legal requirements – e.g. HMRC Gift Aid rules (6 years); or to facilitate attendance at an event. In the latter case the Events Administrator may retai

Updated Policy agreed on:  19th July 2018 (Executive):

Circulated to membership: 18th October 2018 (AGM)

Updated: 8th September 2020